In an effort to welcome visitors back to our neighborhood, the Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District is offering a $50 reimbursement to any business that adds mulch and/or plants to the tree lawn in front of their building. To claim your reimbursement, please bring your receipt of $50 or more to the monthly meeting on the first Thursday of the month in the courtyard behind 1910 Cherokee from 9am to 10am.

The program proposed would operate as follows:

  • Business owners within the Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District shall be entitled to reimbursement of up to fifty dollars ($50.00) for incurred expenses in the beautification of the tree lawn (the space between the public sidewalk and the street curb).

  • Reimbursable expenses would include plants, flowers (annual or perennial,) ground covers, mulch and/or pavers. Detailed receipts will be required for reimbursement. There will be no reimbursements made for labor.